27,000+ Karaoke Songs
on CD's (CD+G format)

Get 27,000+ karaoke tracks. These are "high-quality" CD+G tracks, not low quality MP3+G tracks as others sell.

They can be played in a standard karaoke player. Words appear on a TV screen, changing color as they are to be sung.


Will ship ANYWHERE in the world as long as a signature can be required upon delivery.

To see the list of songs by ARTIST or TITLE, go HERE. There are several links to special song types. All kinds of songs, including Spanish and holiday. Over 1,500 "show tunes" too! BE SURE TO SEE THE LIST(S).

I am discontinuing my karaoke service. I am selling my karaoke CDs. I purchased the original disks, then transferred the songs to my own CDs to substantialy reduce the number of CDs I needed to cart around. These are the "burned" disks, NOT the originals.

Terms and Conditions:

* You may select the carrier (UPS, FedEx or USPS) for me to send you the disks.

* I will "insure" the packages. IF, for any reason you want to avail yourself of getting reimbursed by the insurance (for any reason) you will need to pay me an additional $200 for my time in processing your claim. This is unlikely to be necessary and the payment for my time is to prevent fraudulent claims. * You MUST select a delivery address that has someone there to "accept" the packages. Do NOT use an address where the carrier mayl just "put them in front of the address and leave." I am NOT responsible for the packages once they leave my hands. A "signature" will be required for delivery. Make SURE the address you give me is "deliverable." I am NOT responsible for errors made by the carrier. My sole responsibility is to "ship" the disks to the address you give me. Make sure it is accurate. If the packages are returned you will need to pay again for shipping costs (and provide a "deliverable" address).

* You pay the shipping cost which will vary by your location and distance from Salt Lake City, Utah.

* Once I receive satisfactory payment your disks will be shipped within 10 days.

DO NOT CALL on the phone. IF you have a question, send an email HERE Phone calls will NOT be answered or returned. Thank you.

IF you want these for a karaoke "business"

Included are four song books, three by artist and one by title (most want to look at them by artists} You can start using the songs IMMEDIATELY.

The backs of the disk sleeves give the artist and title, markings to indicate songs with explicit lyrics (three levels). Also entries indicating the most requested songs.

A "database" on CD so you can add to the song selection and/or print your own books. Also shows how many times each song was requested over the time of my business. The entries for explicit lyrics and most requested songs are also in the database.

Also available: stand-alone karaoke player, TV screens, amplifier and speakers, speaker cables, etc. Ask about these.